Hybrid Campus

A better community for gamers.

Gaming brings us together.

We believe gaming is for everyone. So we built Hybrid to give teens a welcoming, healthy community to make new friends and help each other grow. Inside the gaming world and out. Completely free.

Who are the Hybrids?

We're all gamers. Whether we're on top of the leaderboard, building virtual skyscrapers, or getting lost in the story, we can all find a place in this new medium. Gaming helps break down barriers and forge friendships. Hybrids embrace the power of gaming to better themselves, foster healthy relationships, and have fun! They use gaming to express themselves and become leaders. You don't have to play with "randoms" online. This is your invitation to the Hybrids.


Why Join?


  • All online
  • Members only
  • Mentor and peer monitored
  • Events and tournaments
  • First access to programs
  • Join a house and earn prestige (coming soon)

☆ Membership is Free! ☆

online environment

They say it takes a village. That's even more true when you bring the internet into the mix. Hybrid Campus is members-only, family-friendly, and monitored by background-checked staff who ensure a healthy community environment. This is not a "public" community that anyone can get into. Every student has registered and is aware of our rules and expectations, and our staff makes sure they're staying within these guidelines while still allowing them the freedom to express themselves and have fun. We collect parent contact info at sign-up in case we do need to contact parents, and we can temporarily restrict access or even remove students entirely as a last resort. We can't catch everything, but when they're with Hybrids, peace of mind comes easier.

Tournaments and Events

Gaming and competition go hand-in-hand. Tournaments are open to all Hybrids who wish to participate. But competition is just one part of gaming. We will also host watch parties for Hybrid-approved streamers, host casual events like Minecraft build offs, "Gaming Book Club", and more!

First Access to Hybrid Programs

Get notified before anyone else, so you'll always get your seat.

Want something more structured? Gaming and fitness, 5 days a week.

Personal development, digital literacy and life skills. The Hybrid Envoys. The next leaders of the industry.