McCombs Entrepreneur Summer Fellowship, 2020

One-of-a-kind gaming programs for ages 10-15.
Gaming. Fitness. Education.

Thank you all for a wonderful Summer! We had a blast, and we’re excited to get started again.
For now, we’re taking a break to improve our products and services for an even better 2021. Check back or join our mailing list for updates on our progress!
In the meantime, we’re leaving the site as-is so you can learn more about us and what we stand for, but removed the sign-up links for now.
If you’re interested in a career at Hybrid or want to contact Sam, our founder, email us at info@hybridatx.com.

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Training the next generation of gamers.

Our students (Hybrids) don’t just play video games. Hybrids learn how to balance their virtual and physical lives guided by their instructors. They’re changing the definition of what it means to be a “gamer” by learning healthy habits alongside their gameplay. Students pursue badges and ranks to create their own paths unique to each individual. Our 56 badges are divided into 6 categories: Health and Wellness, Fitness, Gaming, Digital Literacy, Citizenship, and Recreation.

Be a part of a better gaming world.

How It Works:

Complete Orientation for basic access to Hybrid badges and Discord, then accelerate your learning at Summer Camp!
Summer 2020 is all online!

1.5 hours per day with an instructor.
One week long. Ages 10-15.

Summer Camp
3 hours per day with an instructor.
Register weekly. Ages 10-15.

Coming Soon…

After School
1.5 hours per day with an instructor.
Sign up weekly, ages 10-15.
Online or On Location.

The ultimate commitment to your craft.
Advanced, hands-on education for ages 15-17.
Online or On Location.

“[Staff] was very kind and did a great job. I value kindness and respectful people more than anything else. Thanks for keeping my kid safe & happy!”

— Robert G, Parent

“My eldest child learned that cooperative games, like League of Legends, are exciting and fun to work together. My younger child learned how to handle online communication in a safe environment.”

— Rebecca S, Parent