Samuel Gonzalez

Founder and CEO

Navy veteran, entrepreneur, designer. Lifelong gamer and athlete. Creator of Austin’s first esports summer camp, partnered after-school program in esports, and middle school curriculum for Rocket League. Former VP and Health and Wellness Coach for Longhorn Gaming at UT Austin. B.Sc. in Kinesiology from UT Austin (ranked #2 nationally in Kinesiology) and certified Physical Education Teacher.

Leah Park

Camp Councilor

Currently a student at UT double-majoring in English and Government. She has been an active part of the League of Legends community for over ten years and is a botlane main. Her favorite characters are Rakan and Ekko, and she believes, like them, that life is something to value and that every moment matters. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, and playing League with her friends.

Jacob Hernandez

Camp Councilor

Hello, my name is Jacob Hernandez. I want to help others find their passion in gaming by helping them in developing good habits and good communication skills when gaming. I’m studying Radio / Television / Film at the University of Texas at Austin. I plan to help other gamers achieve their dreams in the gaming industry and beyond. I want to show others that anyone can enjoy gaming no matter who they are or what skill level they possess. The key is to have fun!

Juan Ponce

Camp Councilor

Hello! My name is Juan, and I’m a psychology major at The University of Texas at Austin. I have been playing Overwatch since its release in 2016 and it is a game I am very passionate about. I am currently a coach for a new up and coming team at UT and also team captain for another team at UT. With my experience in Overwatch I can help anyone of any caliber improve and find news way to enjoy the game with friends.