Building Better Gamers

One-of-a-kind gaming community for ages 13-17.

Hybrid is character development and digital literacy for today's youth.

Grow with us.

Training the next
generation of gamers

By age 13, over 70% of kids in the U.S. own their own smartphone and screen use is only going up [1]. Hybrid provides mentorship and education for youth so they can become responsible, healthy leaders of the next generation.

What families are saying:

[Staff] was very kind and did a great job. I value kindness and respectful people more than anything else. Thanks for keeping my kid safe & happy!

— Parent

My eldest child learned that cooperative games, like League of Legends, are exciting and fun to work together. My younger child learned how to handle online communication in a safe environment.

— Parent

I've been eating a lot better, I've been taking breaks regularly, my health has improved significantly, and my gameplay is noticeably better than its been in months.

— Hybrid

I love the social aspect, meeting new people, finding new people you can relate to within the gaming community. The teachers are very laid back, it doesn't feel like you're being coached or taught, it feels like you're getting advice from a friend and I really like that. And someone is there supporting me throughout the whole experience.

— Hybrid

During the pandemic parents need to work remotely and the kids needs to be preoccupied somehow. Hybrid helps kids stay healthy and active.

— Hybrid